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if I was there, I would not eat that.

not bad. not bad at all. it seems like not only is he a biologist but he's a chef as well. kudos to you my friend.

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Sh0T-D0wN responds:


what in the world?

I was thinking, "how come he didn't do that with Mayoi, her sister?" but I thought, "no, he can go to jail for that because she a minor." as a matter of fact, he would lose his attorney license. anyway, that was funny, especially the monkey.

supurb flash

especially Danial sun's and I like edd's, too. listen up, I'm starting a collab myself and I need more people. anyone of you guys wanna join me? reply if you do.

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LOL here's how mine went......

When I was a kid 99 years ago, we used to believed in superstitions like it's bad luck to open a garage in the house, and if your lawnmower itches, it means a taco bell is coming to visit, and you'll have crusty-ass luck if you find a four-leaf belt. we also believed that if you spilled spoon at the table, you had to throw some over your thigh, and if your humble toe hurt, it meant rain, and if you broke an air conditoner you would have seven years of bad arrancars. Today, kids have different superstitions like it's bad luck to jump over the railroad tracks just before a finger nail pulls in, and don't throw bs stops at policemen. but, actually, there's only one superstition I believe in. whenever I comment on my health, I always remember to knock on a piece of burger king.


one thing I don't really like about this game is the fact that everybody look like they're on steroids. everything else is good

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survey says: shut the hell up.

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